Sligo Wellness Centre is bringing whole food chef, nutritional therapist and author Oliver McCabe to Sligo Food Trail on 27th February. It’s a once off gig, where charismatic chef Oliver will be demonstrating some of his most popular dishes and also talking about emotional eating and sharing his own personal experience. This is an ideal event for anyone following Operation Transformation or trying to improve their lifestyle and eating habits in 2020.

Oliver will cook recipes from his Fuel Food Cookbook, which is packed with over 100 recipes for healthy food that doesn’t cost the earth and that won’t have you stressing out over complex recipes and ingredients. It is named after Fuel Food, the wholefood kitchen and deli in his family health food shop, Select Stores in Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

Emotional eating is turning to comfort food when things get tough and is usually rooted in past experiences. For Oliver, it was the death of his father, for others it might be a breakup or loss of a job. Whatever the trigger it is a familiar story for many people who will want to hear how Oliver overcame his issue.

Oliver McCabe is a dynamic speaker and will also talk about nutrition, give exercise tips and suggest simple sustainable recipes for everyday life.

The event starts at 6.30pm. Tickets are limited and are available from Sligo Wellness Centre, Wine Street Sligo (071 915 3828). Sligo Wellness Centre is a member of Sligo Food Trail, a network of food related businesses all over County Sligo.