Try a fermented and cultured foods course with Gaby and Hans Wieland on 3rd Sept in Neantog Kitchen Garden School, ‪#‎Cliffoney‬ ‪#‎Sligo‬.

  • Date: Saturday, 3rd September 2016
  • Course: “If you are interested in your gut health and want to make some probiotic food and drinks yourself, perhaps with produce from your own garden or your local farmers market, this course is the perfect start. We will explain how fermentation works and introduce you to the most wonderful communities of lactic acid bacteria and yeast. We will demonstrate the various ferments and you will have the unique opportunity to taste them all: Kombucha (fermented tea), Sauerkraut (lacto fermented cabbage), Kim-chee (Korean fermented vegetables), Kefir (fermented dairy drink), Water Kefir and Rejuvlac (fermented grains). You will – under our guidance – make some ferments (sauerkraut) yourself to take home. We will give you tried and tested recipes that work. We will show you the basic equipment needed.You will leave inspired, infected and confident to start life as a newly promoted Fermentista.”
  • Cost €70 (includes a light lunch).
  • Booking: