This might seem like a very ‘dead’ time of year in terms of growing vegetables and most of us aren’t really thinking about the garden at all. It’s a bit different at Good & Green Organics near Gurteen where things are well underway for a steady supply of winter and spring greens. Wouldn’t some of those be nice on your Christmas dinner table?

Throughout the recent cold snap and hard frosts, they’ve been keeping winter salads cosy and fresh – all tucked up under a fleece cover for protection. The winter greens seedlings are getting preferential treatment up on the heated propagation benches. Their biggest challenge is some hungry birds who are determinedly pecking the seeds out! Looks like the fleece covers will be needed again until they germinate. The first tunnel of garlic is starting to show green shoots coming through now and will be ready to harvest in June.

Winter purslane and mizuna are two popular winter greens at the Christmas Farmers’ Markets. Also available are home grown Jerusalem artichokes. Apart from the appealing nutty taste, Jerusalem artichoke is really good for you. It’s a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and will help to control cholesterol, control blood pressure, boost the immune system, muscle function, support a healthy cardiovascular system, prevent premature ageing and maintain dental health. And they taste great too – you just couldn’t go wrong!

Check out Good & Green Organics at Farmers Markets, IT Sligo every Saturday morning.