We’re busy these days filming a new series of videos called “Meet The Maker” and we’re delighted to announce the first in the series – Carrow Coffee Roasters.

Carrow Coffee Roasters is, unsurprisingly, a coffee roasting business run by husband and wife team Andrew and Paola Willis from a gorgeous location in Beltra, Co. Sligo. Fittingly Paola is from Trieste, beloved of James Joyce and home of world famous Illy coffee, where the roasting aroma fills the air. The couple spent four years in Colombia where they fell in love with the coffee culture and indeed everything to do with coffee from growing and picking to roasting and tasting.

Andrew is passionate about allowing the unique characteristics of each coffee type to emerge. Instead of the familiar southern European dark roast, he takes a lighter approach and lets the flavours speak for themselves. You can taste the results at locations all around Sligo.

Check out the Carrow Coffee video