Sligo Food Tours have announced a date for their second Sligo Vegan Food Tour after their launch tour was booked out. The second tour will take place on Saturday October 12th and will feature 8 to 9 venues over the duration of the walking tour. Foodies will be treated to the town’s most famous vegan eateries as well as introducing them to other vegan friendly gems. The tour includes food and drink tastings at each stop with Gaby and Hans introducing the people behind the food. The tour is ideal for vegans living in Sligo or visiting Sligo and also those who want to find out more about a plant-based diet.

‘Vegan food shouldn’t be a matter of contention, but of challenge”, says Hans, “after all eating good tasty food makes you feel good and more people eating more vegetables and less meet will be part of the solution of our current food and climate crisis.’

The tour was created to show that vegans are catered for in Sligo and that many Sligo chefs have – often quietly – taken on the challenge to create tasty and nutritious vegan dishes. This culinary adventure will take you through several of Sligo’s finest vegan and vegan-friendly cafes, restaurants, shops and pubs.

‘Eating without preaching and experiencing new flavours and ingredients is part of the fun of our new tour”, says Gaby. “And you will meet the people behind the dish, who will explain what they have created.’

Experience new flavours and ingredients while chatting to the people who have created the dish, who will explain what they have created from fresh, local produce.

From the tour, you will get a sense of the passion Gaby and Hans have for vegan food and fresh organic vegetables, which they have grown for nearly 40 years.

‘Wherever we go we love to discover plant-based foods and taste new exciting vegan dishes and delights.’

Gaby has even published a vegetarian cookbook, where every recipe is vegan or can be adapted to be vegan. They have also given classes, specialising in vegetarian and vegan dishes and cooking without dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar.

Book your place now for Saturday October 12th at or by calling 087 6122082.