Calling all chocoholics. Love pancakes? Love chocolate? Chef Alan Fitzmaurice at The Glasshouse has combined both to create a pretty perfect pancake. It’s the Glasshouse Brownie Pancake – a standard pancake (with a chocolate flavour) folded in two and stuffed to bursting with a chocolatey, gooey, delicious brownie centre. It might take a little more time than the standard pancake but wow does it pack a punch! Trust us – it’s worth the effort. (OUR TIP – try it with vanilla ice cream)

If flipping your own pancakes is just too much flipping trouble – check out all the cafés and restaurants on the Sligo Food Trail for some outstanding options. Whatever you do – don’t miss out on pancakes this Shrove Tuesday.


Basic Pancake Mix

135gr Plain Flour

Pinch salt

2 whole eggs

250ml Milk

25gr Sugar

25gr cocoa powder

1; Sieve the flour, cocoa powder and salt into a bowl

2; crack in the two eggs and ½ of the milk, beat well

3; add the sugar and the remaining milk, beat to a smooth batter

4; allow to stand for 1 hr

5; cook pancakes in a lightly oiled non-stick frying pan

Brownie Batter

125gr butter

125gr chocolate drops

3 eggs

335gr castor sugar

115gr plain flour

30gr cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

To make

1; add your butter and sugar to mixing bowl and whip till white

2; add your eggs one by one

3; sieve your flour, salt and cocoa powder add to bowl combine slowly.

4; add the vanilla essence and chopped/ button chocolate

The final steps

Place the pancake down on a parchment line tray

Spoon some of the brownie mix on one half of the pancake

Fold the other half over

Bake at 160oc for 10-15min until set but still gooey

Sit and enjoy with a large pot of tea or coffee ….